Sunday, February 21, 2010

Common LD Arguments: New Series

This is going to be the first of a few briefs. Like every LD year, even one so broad, it seems people stay within a fairly narrow confine of examples and groups of examples. Here's a little history lesson:

  • Civil Rights: Hitler, Japanese internment camps, the PATRIOT Act
  • Journalism: Hitler, Deep Throat, Jayson Blair
  • Democracy: Hitler, Hamas, Iraq
  • Isolationism: Hitler (a trend much?), Iraq, Diego Garcia
  • Idealism: Hitler (again!), Communism, slavery, metaphysics
So things become a bit repetitive in LD. So this year, even though things have become far broader, some themes have still been created. So we'll start with the affirmative.

1. Education (Vouchers specifically)
2. National Security.
3. Gandhi
4. The American Revolution
5. The Economy
6. International Relations
7. Communes (a.k.a "hippies")
8. Communism (everyone's favorite)

Stay tuned.

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